What I can do for you.

  • bullet-pointWeb design & Developement
  • bullet-pointGraphic design
  • bullet-pointLogo design & Brand identity
  • bullet-pointCMS integration
  • bullet-pointBlog / Wordpress integration
  • bullet-pointJquery plug-ins
  • bullet-pointFlash / Banners
  • bullet-pointSEO
  • bullet-pointHosting & domain names
  • bullet-pointSite maintenance
  • bullet-pointe-commerce
  • bullet-pointWeb & e-mail marketing
  • bullet-pointW3C validation
  • bullet-pointPSD to HTML5/CSS3
  • bullet-pointAi to HTML5/CSS3

In my designs I utilise a project based approach. I can work with a client through the whole stages to deliver a web solution for a project as well as to collaborate with design agencies, other designers & developers or clients at any particular stage.

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Planning to succeed

Prior to committing time and resources, for every successful project, clear vision of your Business objectives, your target audience and competition must be defined.

After the scope, time lines and budget is agreed it is all ready to proceed to initiation phase. Here, with an input from the project brief we will get to the point where the site map and basic wireframes are established.

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Design phase

During this stage your business will start shaping it's visual representation outlined in the planning stage, it's online face.

Communication, vital for any project, at this stage is the key. Through the reviewing and approval cycle we will mould the look and feel that we are both satisfied with. All the primary changes should take place here, before the design has been coded. Following this Best practice will save us a ton of efforts and facilitate outlined time scales.


Front-end developement

Here is when the approved design starts getting fancy elements, user interface (UI) and interactivity. By the power of the most suitable web technologies for your project (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JQuery UI, PHP and so on....) and the bulk of the programming work from my side we will load your specified content, and make the forms and features functional.

Then I will load the project to your web hosting provider or on my server and provide you with the link to test, play with it and make any final tweaks together until you're proud for your website to go live.


Pushing it further

Your business is online now and it's time to submit the web site to all the major search engines for indexing. Coding the pages in the development phase with SEO best practices in mind, I can now give you an advice on improving your web site ranking through links building and social media.

If a quick promotion for your business web site is in your budget, you may choose pay-per-click advertising campaign using such tools like Google Adwords, or targeted e-mail campaigns using tools like Campaign Monitor. I will be happy to guide you through the whole process.


Analysing performance

With the world changing around us at an ever increasing speed, most of businesses are have to adapt to the situation and become more and more flexible. Continuous improvement is the concept that have been firmly embraced by managers at all levels. The same is true for your website.

Using tools like Google Analytics or Yandex metrica we can monitor how your customers are interacting with your site.You'll get statistics on pages visitors viewing, at what stages they are leaving. How many visits from mobile devices are you getting? The way the visitors are finding your site. Over time, this information can help to understand what works and where we can improve.